Dr. Bapte Pathology Lab is a medical centre that not only caters to individuals & corporate clienteles but also caters to a number of well know hospitals in the city for various medical test & diagnostic services. We are associated to a numerous brands of hospitals in Pune who need our service for diagnosis & treatment of the patients.

Over the years we have realized that a number of hospitals in the city require assistance in lab testing but due to lack of required facility & expertise they need to outsource these tests to various medical research centers & path labs. We Dr. Bapte Pathology Lab assist such hospitals & bridge the gap by providing our clinical testing services to them. We not only provide normal health checkups for the hospitals patients but also conduct advanced level tests & diagnosis. Our lab assistance work 24/7 to deliver accurate & quality diagnosis on time for early medical treatment of patients. We provide you the assistance and service of collecting samples from your hospitals at your convenience & also provide you the required details about the tests & its results.

Associating with our lab will surely bring you the much needed assistance for your hospital & its patients.