Laboratory_LHS_LabEvery company wants their employees to be in pink of health & want them to work with full dedication & commitment for the organization. For this the employees need to be healthy and fit. So as a part of their corporate social responsibility, companies have now started providing regular health check up facilities for their employees & this is where we come into the picture. We as medical test service provider cater to the needs of our corporate clients & provide them the required health checkup facility.

We offer a comprehensive range of health screening solutions & health checkup packages to our corporate clients. Regular health checkup for corporate clients are a need of an hour. This is mainly due to their hectic lifestyle wherein stress breeds many silent diseases. Due such an environment employees are more prone to health issues. Hence it is extremely important to detect any form of diseases or health issue before it’s too late.

We at Dr. Bapte Pathology Lab provide a number of health checkup packages that are designed to suit the need of every employee in the organization. The packages include general health care checkups & preventive health care checkups. We also provide pre employment health checkups that help determine the medical fitness & overall state of health for employment.