Our Doctors

Lab-technician-537x358At Dr. Bapte Pathology Lab we are a team of dedicated & highly qualified experienced doctors & lab assistance who work around the clock to deliver outstanding services to its clients. We work in synchronization with the doctors to deliver accurate diagnosis to our patients. Our technical, professional, and administrative staff members are dedicated to working closely with our patients in order to deliver the best services.

Providing such quality service & precise results over the years has built a reputation unmatched in the industry. At Dr. Bapte Pathology Lab our phenomenal success is plainly due to the sincere dedication of our doctors who strive for achieving the best. The doctors here play a key role in diagnosis & add value to patients care & treatment. Our doctors work towards delivering the most-advanced, responsive, and reliable diagnostic services to enable physician & clients avail the best care & early treatment to any illness.

At the path lab we work as a team & we are always on the look for ways to improving the quality of our services & translate it into a better patient care.